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Mar 04, 2013

During the Fashion week, all the shows are not equals:

- the blue chip labels are eagerly awaited: several weeks before the show, the press attachés of these brands are pestered from all sides by people who are looking for invitations (aka the Grail). The D, the surroundings of the show’s place are full of bloggers, photographers, onlookers, Anna Dello Russo-wanna-be’s… Everyone know the name of these heavy hitters: Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, …

- then we have the “hot list” labels: just whisper their names and all the fashionistas around will be champing at the bit. Do you want to see it by your own eyes: you can sough “Isabel”, “Maxime”, “Anthony”, “Cédric”, …

- finally, we have the “discreet team”: they may not be as famous as the labels I just talked about, but they have the same level of creativity, inspiration and talent. Akris belongs to this category (which is quite surprising when you know that the brand is 91 years old), and the least I can say about the Fall 2013 designed by Albert Kriemler is “stunning”. This all-black collection is amazingly beautiful. I had for the drew dress worn by Ruby Aldridge on the last picture.


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